7 Ways To Deal With Suicidal Thoughts

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Tips on managing suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thoughts need to be taken very seriously, even though you feel you can never act on them. Suicidal thoughts can be very tough to deal with or discern, they can occur when feelings of despair, isolation, or dejection become too burdensome.

You might feel so devastated with pain that suicide seems like the only way to free yourself from the burden you’ve been carrying. Occasionally suicidal thoughts can be transient, but other times a stronger compulsion or illusion that assures relief from supposedly unendurable pain.

Auspiciously, there are ways to control suicidal thoughts, steps to take to move away from harm while recovering, because the truth is no matter how bad the thoughts you have, or how bad your feelings are, you need to continually dwell on the fact that you have not always felt this way, and will not always feel this way.

You need to understand that there is still a way out; there is always a solution for every problem and help available to deal with how you feel.

These are some of the ways to deal with suicidal thoughts


Inundate yourself with people you care about, rather than shutting them out or isolating yourself. Even if you think the thoughts aren’t so serious, sharing your thoughts with those that care about you is an excellent habit.

You should understand that your risk of suicide is high if you’re alone with suicidal thoughts. Thus you should not keep them in or to yourself, instead tell someone you love and trust, share your thoughts with them. Understand that the people you care about want to help, but you need to let them understand the constant thoughts going through your head to allow them.

You should also understand that you don’t need to feel worried or embarrassed about talking to someone about your feelings because those who love you will not judge you for sharing your thoughts with them, instead they will be glad you called rather than try to deal with things on your own.
Taking time to talk to a good listener, you can trust from time to time can help you cope and can also be enough to calm your thoughts. You can even ask the person to come over to be with you or go over to the person’s place, so you’re not on your own.


No matter the reason why you keep having suicidal thoughts, you don’t have to go through it alone; you can learn from other people who have battled with these thoughts as well. A lot of people have experienced what you’re going through presently, at one point or the other, many of these people also had the thoughts of ending it, but today they are glad they are still alive. Talking with people who can comprehend what you’re going through and how you feel is one of the very best ways to handle suicidal thoughts.

This way, you can build a strong support system, as this is one of the most significant things you can do to help yourself cope with your thoughts. Feeling isolated, devastated, dejected, or as though others would be better off without you are prevalent feelings behind suicidal thoughts. Connecting with these people who you see as your support system can help you boost your coping skills and guard you against your thoughts when they show up.


It is essential that you understand the cause or causes of your suicidal thoughts as far as possible. You need to realize that drinking alcohol and taking drugs can be factors that trigger these thoughts. Though they feel so good at first, they can later turn negative thoughts into suicidal ones very quickly. Often certain places, people, or habits can also trigger feelings of despair and suicide.

It might be challenging to understand the connection at first, but you need to start thinking about whether there are influences that might intimate you into probable triggers. You need to avoid things, people, and situations that make you feel sad, these include physically or emotionally abusive people, books, movies, or music with dark, emotional themes, stressful situations, being alone, or stressed.


A mental health expert can help you understand the cause of your suicidal thoughts because atimes they are usually the outcome of other mental health conditions, like depression and bipolar disorder, which can be treated. Stressful or traumatic occurrences can also prompt suicidal thoughts. You need to understand that whatever it is behind your thoughts and feelings, a therapist can help you learn to cope with it and become healthier and happier.


The use of drugs and alcohol is known to be involved in many cases of suicide. Drugs and alcohol complicate things because they cloud your judgment; they can increase depression and cause reckless or impulsive behavior, thereby significantly increasing your likelihood of attempting suicide. Thus, if you happen to be having suicidal thoughts, avoid drugs, and alcohol altogether.

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