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Brown Eagle, Inc. is the developer and operator of a next-generation B2B E-commerce marketplace with a focus on the sales of fast-moving B2B industrial products. We are a US C-Corp, with a registered office in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, and operating subdivisions in Netherlands and Colorado.

We pride ourselves as one of the best B2B E-commerce marketplace rendering services for utmost customer satisfaction based on adaptive technology with advance personalized communication and recommendation while offering our users a quick and simple method to find and compare our products, prices, specifications, stock levels while planning logistics in real-time across borders, regulatory environment, languages, and cultures.

With the use of proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence, neuro-linguistic programming, and machine learning, we help fulfill complex cross-border transactions in a multi-regulatory and multi-language environment. We help buyers find the right products at the right prices, with a known product and service quality that is cost-effective to help sellers increase their sales without a horde of technical difficulty or issues. We also make it easier for suppliers to easily prospect for potential buyers and complete sales cycle without stress or need to waste time cold calling.

We have a track record of success and a solid background in business as a subsidiary of Brown Eagle [BE] Ltd,, an international Dubai based trading company and widely known brand associated with quality and performance that has profitably operated for more than 10 years empowering major European and American manufacturers conducting cross-border commerce with the Middle East (GCC Countries).

These make us one of the oldest and leading B2B E-commerce platforms launched on the basis of a highly structured plan in the E-commerce industry, meeting AI-powered based neuro-linguistic programming powered by a new knowledge-driven machine learning technology, with focus on serving diverse social, geographic E-commerce customer’s needs, both locally and worldwide.

At Brown Eagle Inc., we are dedicated to providing more sales opportunities for merchants that use our platform. Our management teams that are highly experienced at international trade, and have successfully worked with major international companies such as Alstom SA, Faiveley/Wabtec and GDS in completing multi-million dollar transactions without hassle, have a proven track record of operating effectively within a sales/business development environment that ensures our platform creates the right opportunity for development between merchants and buyers.

We are dedicated to moving our B2B E-commerce platform beyond inventory management by ensuring it provides a real end-to-end supply chain management solution for our members so they can enjoy the speed and convenience of doing business online. We are motivated to finding a better way of serving our customers to obtain maximum satisfaction with the use of artificial intelligence-powered based neuro-linguistic programming, that offers machine learning predictive analysis, real-time product targeting, real-time pricing and Incentive customer segmentation, natural language processing, natural language search, translation of native languages, classification, and clustering information extraction.

We understand that wholesalers and suppliers demand the same experience B2Cs offer to consumers, including the option to make orders online at their convenience without any technical issue. Thus, the use of this Artificial intelligence-powered based neuro-linguistic programming that also focuses on conversational commerce, speech to text, Chabot, speech to speech support, vision image recognition, virtual reality, augmented reality sizing and styling, ensures we provide a progressing solution for consignors and consumers, who understand the importance of social responsibility and political standards over prices and value for money.

These are the factors we are putting to the world of E-commerce and neuro-linguistic programming, which helps with the right approach to communication, and interpersonal relationships among merchants and buyers, fulfilling complex cross-border transactions in a multi-regulatory and multi-language environment.

On our E-commerce platform that includes a proposal, audits, product selection, analytics, online payment integration, and reduced shipping paperwork, both manufacturers and suppliers can easily connect with buyers, by uploading products and pricing details from their dashboard, while we speed up the sales process afterward. And with the help of integrated reporting and analytics tools, the effectiveness of sales can be easily measured by merchants who can easily access their transaction history, analyze products, and buyers engagement.

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