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We Make Your Dreams Reality With Our Top-Notch Mortgage Brokerage Services

Our Mortgage brokers are professionals whose sole duty is to help you choose the mortgage product most suitable for your financial needs. With no doubts, you need our mortgage brokers and mortgage agent because you can’t get a mortgage without their expertise.

At Mortgage Approve, our mortgage brokers are licensed professionals who continually contrast mortgages from the top lenders in Toronto to help you get the best deals.

Whatever it is you are sourcing funds for, maybe you are trying to use your home equity or even planning to purchase your first home. Mortgage Approve can offer you the financial support you desire in securing the funds you need at an unbeatable mortgage rate.

We are Toronto’s mortgage brokerage with many years of experience in the industry, working with best lenders across Canada in our quest to offer you the best solution to your financial obligations.

With our solid relationship with multiple lenders across Canada, from conventional lenders such as banks, we usually have much access to various lenders and funds more than what individuals can. We also have smaller lenders that do not have the same capital base as the big shots, who mostly offer mortgage rates with very low interest.

Our solid relationship developed over the years with the lenders helps us with getting the best mortgage rates for our wide range of providing incredible financial services that include;

  • Home Refinancing
  • Home Equity Loan
  • First Time Buyers
  • Private Mortgage
  • Second Mortgage
  • Bridge Mortgages


Our professional team of certified mortgage brokers and mortgage agents are dedicated to helping you plan your refinancing tactics to make it easy for you to reduce your monthly expenses, repay your debts, so you can make progress with all the big plans you’ve got for your house renovation projects.

At Mortgage Approve, our mortgage brokers are focused on how to help you decide the perfect mortgage product with a low-interest mortgage rate most suitable for your budget and financial obligations by ensuring you fully understand the process before making the ultimate decision.

If you have a solid financial stand to pay off a mortgage, then you should think of refinancing, as this can help you with the funds you need to pay for renovations of your home property acquired or even help you invest in another property entirely.

Although the penalty charges can be discouraging, it is sometimes advisable to pay the penalties for an early exit and enjoy a lower interest rate. And sometimes it is advisable to pay off the mortgage you are currently running as well as the penalties so as to have access to another mortgage. This is the reason it is important for property owners to estimate their mortgage yearly because, without this, the repayment plan can accumulate more interest mortgage rates.

  • Mortgage Approve Helps You Save

As you mortgage broker, we continually advise you on how your repayment plan can dissipate to less interests when you refinance your mortgage, which can be done by using the equity of your home for investments. This will help you save tax on interest repayment plans.

Also refinancing your mortgage can give you up to 90% of the equity in your property. This can help you save money. It is also essential to balance the pros and cons before you agree to the terms and conditions.

  • We Offer Unique Strategies For Different Mortgage Products

At Mortgage Approve, our solid relationship with the best lenders in Toronto allows us to provide various unique strategies for a home equity loan. And it doesn’t really matter if it’s a home equity line of credit (HELOC), refinancing of your existing mortgage or second mortgage that you are contemplating on, our professional mortgage brokers and mortgage agents will ensure you get the funds you need in your bank account without wasting time.


Mortgage Approve Makes Access To Secured Line Of Credit Easy

Let’s help you make repaying your debts, launching a new business, and exploiting your home equity hassle-free.

We understand that getting a loan sometimes comes with very difficult procedures; this is why we at Mortgage Approve are devoted to taking the burden off you. Our mission is to make the entire process very easy for you so that the only thing you’ll need to do is to examine the terms and mortgage rates before making the final call.

  • We Offer Home Equity Loan With Fast Approval And Funding

As your mortgage broker, we will ensure you have access to funding in your bank account immediately you register your loan for Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) so you can start making good use of it in no time. One of the great benefits of HELOC is that it can be utilized more than once; it can be paid off and still utilized afterward while you only have to repay the interest on only the parts of the funds that were used. This implies it is an ideal remedy for different financial obligations.

Asides, It is also one of the most effective ways to fund your home remodel, fixes, development, and other types of home construction projects.

In addition, you can utilize your HELOC funds to liberate yourself from high-interest debts and bring all your debts together so that it can all be paid together every month, these we can help you to achieve as one of the top mortgage brokerages in Toronto.

Our professional team of mortgage brokers and mortgage agents will guide you through the whole process, with a defined strategy that will quickly get you out of debt.

  • We Will Help You Get Credit For Owning A Home

With a quick response, our mortgage brokers can help you get quick money out of the home you have with our home equity line of credit that comes with interest mortgage rates lower than what you will get on a personal mortgage.

  • How It Works

Do you have attractive equity on your home?

Our home equity line of credit can swiftly help you get funds credited in your bank account in no time. All you need to do is to decide the amount you need and repay it when you are able to.

With our HELOC mortgage product at Mortgage Approve, a leading mortgage brokerage in Toronto, you have the choice to select whatever amount you want to loan while you receive more whenever you want depending on your limit. Unlike common lenders that only allow you to reapply whenever you need additional loans while slamming mortgage rate with very high interest on you with outrageous reimbursement period with very complex documentation.


Our mortgage brokers are dedicated to helping First Time Buyers dream of owning their homes a reality by providing various mortgage products with incredible mortgage rates, because when some people hear the word mortgage, the first thing that comes to their minds is heavy debt and as such become skeptical about it or even fear to give it a trial.

What they fail to realize is that buying a property is a big deal, it’s a huge investment, and licensed mortgage brokerage are there to help them understand the importance of mortgage and also assist in taking the required step that will be of great benefits to them.

At Mortgage Approve, our role in making your dreams of owning your first home as one of the leading mortgage brokerages in Toronto includes;

  • Easily helping you to have an idea of the amount you are liable to get with our flexible mortgage calculator
  • Making you to properly understand the procedure to follow while also helping you to discern the process
  • Helping you to reflect and work on your budget to ensure you get the best mortgage rate based on your financial obligations.
  • Ensuring that your mortgage agent certifies the availability of the property while also linking you up with the seller so that you can have more chances of securing it over other buyers that are also interested in it but waiting for validation.
  • Helping you to get the best mortgage product most suitable for your needs while going through the buyer’s plan that will determine the amount that will be deducted from your savings plans depending on the package you settle with.
  • Properly enlightening you on Land Transfer Tax, and First Time Buyer’s Tax Credit in case you are buying the property for the first time, to enable you better benefit from all the incentives first time buyer are liable to get.
  • Breaking down the terms and conditions guiding the mortgage product so that all information will be clear to you so that you can decide on the best plan most suitable for your budget.
  • Helping you to make the best decisions based on your budget so that you can enjoy a stress-free mortgage with a low-interest mortgage rate.


We are the best Private Mortgage Specialist in Toronto

At Mortgage Approve, we strongly agree that all individuals, regardless of their status, should be given equal opportunity in the quest for attaining a secure financial future. This is the more reason our mortgage brokers are dedicated to helping loan applicants that have been rejected by banks and other mortgage agents in securing and quickly approving loans with low-interest mortgage rates.

With our professionalism and expertise in mortgage brokerage, our team of mortgage brokers and mortgage agents will ensure that you receive the funds you seek in your bank account without wasting time once you register for a loan.

We also believe that any reputable mortgage brokerage will understand that conventional mortgages are not meant for everyone, and this is why private mortgages are recommended. Private mortgages give you access to loans depending on your home equity just like conventional mortgages. But a private mortgage is processed by a bank that is eager to work with loan applicants who have been experiencing difficulty getting a conventional loan due to the following;

  • Bad credit score

Since Private Lenders are typically more resilient than conventional ones, we can assist you in using your home equity to repay your debts to recover your credit and put it back in shape.

  • Self-employment

Private lenders can be an extraordinary alternative for individuals who are self-employed. Business owners who make profits in their business still experience difficulty securing a conventional mortgage because they may not be able to disclose their profit.

  • Bridge financing

In case you’re purchasing another home before putting up your old house for sale or you are in need of funds for a short period as a backup while you wait for the big break, a bridge mortgage might be just what you need.

  • Debt consolidation

In case you don’t know, customary lenders are always anxious when they see that you’re attempting to repay your existing loan, while private lenders are always glad to assist you. At Mortgage Approve, our mortgage brokers are dedicated to helping you use the home equity to pay your insecure creditors to bring down your scheduled installments significantly.

  • We Have Strong Relationship With Top Lenders In Toronto

It’s no news we have numerous private moneylenders in Toronto, and most of them provide the term and mortgage rate you are in search of, but getting and securing your loan on time from them may be time-consuming and daunting. This is why we at, Mortgage Approval, are committed to giving you just what you need with ease.

For a start, we will arrange a meeting with you to outline the basis of your financial requirements and mortgage approval process. And once we understand precisely the sort of private loan you seek, we will immediately communicate with our different private lenders spread across Canada to get them to vie for your business.

We will ensure we guide you through the whole documentation process by responding to all your inquiries and tending to any of your worries along the line.


Mortgage Approve is a professional Mortgage Brokerage and expert in Second Mortgage Financing in Toronto.

Are you working on completing the renovation of your home, taking your family on vacation, paying your children’s school fees, or repaying your debts? What you need is our mortgage broker’s expertise to help you secure a second mortgage to facilitate these goals for you.

  • We Offer The Best Mortgage Rates

Whatever it is you are sourcing funds for, be it venturing into a new business or purchasing a new property, Mortgage Approve, offers the best mortgage rates most suitable for you because we make Second mortgages less costly or last option for loan seekers.

The second mortgage rates we provide are of various rates contingent upon your monthly pay and credit, including your general home equity. The more you make us understand your overall budget, the more appealing the financing choices we can offer you.

  • We Offer Various Unique Mortgage Options

We provide the second mortgage that’s custom-fitted for your requirements by helping you to choose the terms perfect for you and consisting of a wide range of mortgage lengths, with options such as interest-only mortgages or bridge loans that has no pre-payment penalties. And in case you reside in an urban region and have a great credit score, we can even help you prepare a rotating home equity line of credit.

  • Our Mortgage Agents Are Dedicated To Quickly Helping You Get Your Funds

At Mortgage Approve, our mortgage agents are dedicated to ensuring your funds are quickly credited into your bank account to make it possible for you to quickly have access to it to be able to start that new project, repay your debts and be able to make your entire dream a reality.

From making quick decisions to quick funding, Mortgage Approve offers the quickest turnaround in the industry by closing deals and writing checks. We are specialists in Second Mortgage because we fully understand how it can assist you in avoiding debt with a high-interest mortgage rate while also helping you to build a good credit score. At Mortgage Approve, we pay attention to your needs to ensure we help you enjoy all the benefits and incentives of second mortgage widely utilized to solve various financial obligations.

By working with many of the best private lenders in Toronto, we will assist you with your mortgage second spot regardless of your monthly pay or credit, as long as your property has value.

In addition, we have a great working relationship with institutional lenders who can provide appealing mortgage rates on the second mortgage for you so far you have a good credit score and salary.


We are Bridge Financing Experts, and We Can Help You Secure and Approve Your Bridge Mortgage without Stress

Have you been trying to secure a bridge mortgage to finish your mortgage financing tactics?

If YES, worry no more because we are your best option. At Mortgage Approve, our professional teams of mortgage brokers and experts have helped many loan applicants like you secure a bridge mortgage.

A bridge mortgage is derived from the manner at which it bridges the gaps between financial undertakings like offering short-term loans;

  • For buying a new property or selling another
  • For short-term mortgage and a long-term mortgage
  • For urgent financial matters or outstanding capital payout
  • For competing for home renovation projects or selling a property

Bridge financing is usually reimbursed as soon as you can sell the property or when your unpaid dividend is available. This is why bridge mortgage is perfect for dealing with various financing obligations, apart from the fact that it is not that easy to come by and secure. And some lenders even fail to offer it merely because there is no much gain to be made on it for them since the loan is short-term. But we at Mortgage Approve are always here to assist you in securing this Bridge mortgage without any difficulty.

We can help you secure and approve whatever amount you need as soon as you register for your bridge mortgage that will be organized in first and second positions. It will be procured by residential or commercial real estate. And we can also help you to use it in funding your home renovation or construction projects last phase.

Of all the lenders in the industry that provide bridge financing, very few of them can put you first the way we do at Mortgage Approve because we are not a bank and neither are we affiliated to any bank. Therefore, the only mission we have is to assist you in getting the bridge financing mortgage best suitable for your financial obligations.

Having spent many years working and building a positive business relationship with the best lenders across Toronto and Canada, implies whenever we get to the round table to negotiate for your sake. We will immediately discover if you are getting the best bridge mortgage rates and terms provided by the lender or not. And as soon as we realized the mortgage rates and terms is not the best you can get based on your financial requirements, we will immediately proceed to negotiate with another lender for you until we get you the bridge mortgage with the best deal.

At Mortgage Approve, we make the entire process of securing any of our mortgage products as easy as possible for all our clients, from the consultation phase to the final stage of crediting your bank accounts so you can immediately have access to your funds to make all your dreams reality.

You don’t even have to come to us; our mortgage agents will come to you instead, we will book an appointment with you at the time most convenient for you.

As soon as we receive your mortgage application, we immediately help you look around for lenders that can offer you the ideal interest and mortgage rates, terms, and conditions most suitable for your financial obligations.

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