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Photostick and Why It is Awesome Gadget - The Washington Note

ThePhotoStick Review: Easily Backup Your Photos & Videos In A SINGLE Click!

What is ThePhotoStick?

Gone are the days people go about with camera just to capture some of the fantastic moments in their life. Despite the fact that people have changed their aged film cameras to the modern digital camera, most still can’t do without taking pictures with their phones today instead of using their digital camera.

There is no doubt you will want to have those wonderful moments on that excursion, vacation, child dedication or birthday party captured so you can easily reflect on them much later on the future to put a smile on your face.

If you have once had your hard drive corrupted, you will definitely understand the reason why it’s necessary to have a backup of the files on your PC that can easily be damaged by a power surge, your kids or drinks that accidentally spill on it, which can eventually result in you losing all your unique memories.

To avoid this, you need to know about PhotoStick; the amazing new product launched to help you backup all your essential files instantly with ease. The innovative product also known as Photo Stick and Photostick, that can be simply compared to your regular Flash drive is built with software programmed to search folders for your lost pictures or files because it does not search for pictures alone but also your documents and videos. It is quite simple to use for people that do not have much experience using high tech gadgets because it works automatically.

If you are one the 40% of PC users that have experienced losing your amazing memories as a result of corrupt files, there is no doubt you need to finish this review to see the advantages of purchasing this device and how it can help you save money.

How ThePhotoStick works?

You are not that wrong if you think Photostick seems to function just like the regular Flash drive since it also has great resemblance with Flash drive and even has its own port that will function with any accessible port on your PC.  In as much as there is a USB port, you will always be able to utilize this great device.

All that is needed is to ensure your PC is operational before inserting it into any of the ports and after some seconds a window is popped up. In the center of the popped up window is a single button with “GO“ in the center you will need to press to allow Photostick to have access to the files on your PC.

According to the Photostick review we came across, it was guaranteed that it functions quite well and fast on the average though based on the size of your PC and the number of files you have in the hard drive after the full scan that takes 60 seconds or more to run. What this unique device does is to look for the files you felt has been lost while also searching for your pictures and video. It then creates a backup of the data on your PC so that they can be accessed on other devices. It can also be efficiently utilized to find your music files and documents.

The PhotoStick’s features

This review can’t be authentic if I didn’t test PhotoStick myself, after checking it, below are some of its features that I admired.

All media formats Compatibility

Regardless of whether it’s MP3, MPV, JPEG, PNG, or JPG, this unique device will have all your photos, music, and video files safely kept. Even with the music or photos copied from old and dusty CDs. Indeed, you can easily save all your aged and new pictures in this little device to easily access them in the future

One-click backup.

You don’t have to set up any account or install any software to use PhotoStick in contrast to the way you back up your files on cloud storage. You only need to simply connect the thumb drive to the port, press the ‘GO’ button, and give it some seconds to complete the backup while you attend to other tasks.

Swift and automatic.

Gone are the days you spend hours on your PC manually choosing the pictures you want to conserve. Since the launch of this unique files backup that automatically helps to do this in a few seconds instead of sitting all day on your PC trying to create and label folders for your photos which is stressful. With the use of this device that takes less time, you can even leave your PC to attend to other projects while backing up your files because it’s automatic and very simple to utilize by people that don’t really have much experience using high tech gadgets.

No internet needed

This is the feature that thrills me the most because there is no need to bother yourself trying to get internet before storing your files like you do when using Cloud storage that can’t work without a Wi-Fi.

You can easily backup over 60,000 pictures at any time and anywhere without using the internet when you use PhotoStick that functions the same way hard drive works, apart from the fact that it is more compact and specifically created for storing pictures and videos.

How Many Photos Can ThePhotostick safe?

This is one of the typical inquiries made by individuals that have been wondering the number of pictures and other files that can be stored with this gadget while the straightforward answer is that its contingent on the type of model purchased. On Amazon, the kind of model available for sale is the base model known as the Photo Stick 8 that offers 8 GB of storage sufficient for saving over 3,500 pictures. Asides this model is the 64 model with 64GB of storage that stores over 30,000 pictures. The biggest model you can get is the Photo Stick 128 that can spectacularly save up to 60,000 pictures with its 128GB storage capacity.


As you go through this review, you need to note that the size of the storage you will get is contingent to the size of your file. Despite the fact that most models can backup over 3,500 photos but lesser videos because video file size are always bigger and occupies additional space. Also, if larger files or music are stored on your device, you will get a very small space. In addition, its significant to also note the size of your PC’s hard drive because if your hard drive is bigger with additional stored files, you might need to get one of the large models available

What type of Files Can be found by ThePhotoStick?

If you have once uploaded pictures from your smartphone to your PC and totally forgot to replace the names of the files before saving them, you will understand that most systems usually designate a name to the pictures that contain numbers. Eventually, you may have a tough time finding a specific picture later when you seize to recollect the designated name or date that it was taken.

With this review, you will see the extent at which this device not only swiftly function with photos and different kinds of files but also find any pictures stored on your hard drive and instantly create a backup for them. The PhotoStick functions more with standard JPEG files, and once your PC stores the files in this format, you will always easily see them in the future. It can also be adjusted so you can use it to look for other types of files including PNG images downloaded from the internet or the ones you took with your phone an edited. ThePhotoStick works superbly by not forgetting these pictures too in order for it not to later create another backup for the same pictures.

Advantages of using ThePhotostick


You can easily avoid the stress and anger that follows after losing your adored moments because you refuse to properly store it when you can frequently do a backup with the use of PhotoStick that will help protect it from corrupt files on PC crashes.

No Monthly expenses.

Using this great device will help you save money by preventing you from spending every month on cloud storage. All you need to pay for using it is the one-time purchase fee and nothing more. If you are familiar with the use of cloud storage, you will agree that using The Photostick can save money for you by preventing you from paying additional fees for extra storage that your files would have occupied, the space that can even be used for other significant files


Using this device will help you to be more productive by preventing you from wasting precious time on storing and organizing your files because all the time spent on this can be better utilized on other productive projects.

Where Can It Be Purchased Buy?

The best place to get this stick is on PhotoStick’s official website because it is the only way with which you can keep their 30-day refund effective. You can make an order for your own PhotoStick today by visiting this website:


  • It is portable
  • It efficiently filters out duplicates
  • It is automatic and swift to use
  • Scans and finds all media files in minutes
  • Free delivery and a 30-day guarantee
  • It can store up to 60,000 media files within 60 seconds


  • 30-day guarantee requires that the packaging must remain “unopened”


Before making an order for your own Photostick, it is important to first decide what you are searching for and what you need because making a smart order takes proper planning comprehension of the things you need in the gadget.

Even though this device is unique and it functions effectively it should still be contrasted with different gadgets to decide if it’s really useful for you or not.

If you are the type that does not really take pictures, you can simply stick to using USB that is less expensive and can always give you what you need, but if you take pictures regularly, PhotoStick might be just what you need to properly store all your wonderful moments.

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