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VIZR Reviews - Is It Worth Buying? | Holgadirect - Tech Consumer Guide


Within seconds without any notice or warning, a car could be involved in an accident that will leave both the driver and passengers with fatal injuries while severely damaging the car. When driving on the road, there is nothing that can not cause an accident, it could be a phone call that came in, and you try to check who the caller is. It could be when trying to tune the frequency of your car radio station to another. When slightly turning your head for a second to pass a short message across to one of your passengers. These can lead to distraction that will cause a car accident as a result of your view that taken off the road.

With these instances, there is no doubt adequate measure needs to be taken to ensure there is no distraction whenever you are on the wheels. One of it is the use of VIZR, which is a recently launched product that can assist you whenever you are driving, by ensuring that you are not distracted but focused so that you can get to your destination safely.

It is a heads-up display (HUD) mounted on your car’s dashboard to mirror your smartphone’s screen on the transparent display to ensure you don’t have to take your eyes off the road because you want to look at your phone.

The use of this small gadget while driving helps you to have very easy access to all the significant mobile apps you can’t do without on your phone by transforming into a HUD that sends data while users won’t need to look away from their usual viewpoints). It can be easily mounted directly above your steering wheel or car dashboard in the center as you drive to track with the navigation apps on your smartphone without any hassle.

The good news for drivers about this superb gadget is that it can be used effectively with all kinds of smartphones. There is no worries if you’re still using your old smartphone or recently upgraded to the newest versions of iPhone or Samsung Galaxy because VIZR is built with a universal design that ensures it functions with all phone models. By the time you are done reading this review, you will see the reason why all smart drivers cant drive without the use of VIZR.


The primary objective of VIZR is to assist you in navigating with ease without an unhindered view because it perfectly understands that focusing on the road instead of your dashboard when driving implies there won’t be any accident. It gives you convenient access to the screens and notification of your smartphones without taking your eyes off the road

Just in case you don’t know, we already have some in-car heads-up display in popular brands like Mercedes Benz, Audi and others, we also have heads-up display models you can manually install in your car by yourself without any difficulty, and it doesn’t make any difference if your car has been used for more than 6 or 11 years because an effective HUD is functional with all types of car models and makes.

Third-party heads-up displays such as VIZR can be used effectively with all types of cars with any known heads-up display app. Interestingly you don’t even have to break the bank to get your own HUD if you are using VIZR. In case you are a FIXD user, you can easily utilize it with FIXD app so that it can show your car speed, navigation directions, traffic status, and others


To be candid when I was testing VIZR before writing this review, I wasn’t anticipating much, but in the end, I was surprised after realizing all that it can do. Below are some of the features of this amazing car heads-up display that thrilled me the most.

  • Universal Structure

Feasibly the most significant element of VIZR is its flexibility and ability to work with all types of car models and brands. It doesn’t matter if it is an SUV, truck, muscle vehicle, or hybrid that you are driving; you can easily mount it on your dashboard to effectively use it. As we are aware some newest car models now tend to come with their own built-in heads-up display, VIZR is the best option for you in case your own new car does not come with an in-built HUD.

  • Functions 24/7

In case you’re bothered that the HUD’s resolution may not be effective during some hours of the day, worry not because VIZR functions round the clock, be it day or night it works effectively notwithstanding the weather condition.

  • Multilayered Covering

VIZR’s screen is fully secured with a multilayered covering to prevent it from quickly getting scratched or smeared. It can remain perfectly clear for quite a while if carefully taken care of and maintained with the use of gentle screen cleaning kits that are non-abrasive to prevent it from being scratched.

  • HUD App Compliance

Even though it comes with its own free in-built mobile applications that are frequently upgraded with different unique features, this HUD effectively functions with other apps as well. All that is needed is simply ensuring it is configured to HUD mode for you to continuously utilized your most preferred app.

  • Wireless Installation

Even though it looks very sophisticated and sleek, this HUD can be easily installed by anyone. Just adhere to the mounting guidelines and app installation after you remove it from the case, and you are ready to go. It does not require any professional skill, complex process, or additional cables.

  • Non-slip Surface

This HUD’s phone holder designed with non-slip elements ensures it does not slide off when you are on wheels. It can be used in different forms; you can directly mount it on your dashboard or basically set it on top. To find the most suitable angle for yourself, you can easily adjust the screen. In addition, this HUD is very portable and easy to remove and set up in any other car.

How Much Is VIZR?

I’m pretty sure; you have been wondering what the cost and set up of VIZR for your car might be. It is not a surprise to be curious, especially when you need multiple gadgets to use in all your vehicles. Note that despite the fact that this unique gadget is being sold on many websites, it is not for sale on Amazon at the moment and the perfect place to purchase it is on VIZR official website.

One of the many benefits of purchasing VIZR on their official website is the discount you are liable to receive when you order for multiple VIZR. On a norm, a single VIZR is sold for  $39.99, but when you purchase 3, the value falls to $26.66 per unit while you pay $79.99 for the whole HUD. This implies two VIZR is being sold to you at the regular price while you get the third one free of charge. In addition, their official website offers a hot deal that allows you to purchase one HUD at the regular price, while you pay half of the retail price for another one both now costing $59.99.

But note that regardless of what number of VIZR units you choose to purchase, you will need to make an additional payment for the shipping cost unless you reside in the US where there is free shipping for individuals who purchase at least three units in one order.


How do I fix VIZR to my dashboard?

Since each of these HUD is accompanied by a general stand that connects with ANY dashboard to guarantee you get an ideal view of display for your navigation and road before you. All you need to do is easily attach VIZR to your car’s dashboard, put your smartphone down on it, and you’re ready.

How does VIZR’s screen function during the day and night?

Despite the fact that VIZR functions incredibly throughout the day with its unique treated glass that guarantees a solid reflective standard of view during a bright sunny day without hindering your view. It also functions very well during night time when compared to other implicit bright LED displays that cause you to slightly move your eyes from blinding dark road light that’s usually risky. Unlike VIZR that makes navigation easy and crystal clear WITHOUT causing any harm to your eyes.

Is there a guarantee that VIZR will function in my car?

Since VIZR is designed to be compatible with all types of car brands and models, it is guaranteed to function with your car regardless of its model, make, year, or dashboard shape. It’s indeed a universal product.

Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee?

The answer is YES because each VIZR on sale is accompanied by a Money Back Guarantee for a month (30 days).

What kind of apps can best be used with VIZR?

Though there are various apps that can be used with VIZR, it is proposed that you utilize VIZR with FIXD App to open elite types of features such as lice car observation and more. Asides FIXD App, other types of Apps that can be effectively used with VIZR are Navigation, Sygic, Speedometer, Navmi, HUD Widgets, among others.

In addition, in case you have FIXD (from VIZR makers), you can easily open some kind of valuable driving features you can’t get somewhere else.

Advantages of VIZR

  • It is long-lasting
  • It is compatible with all smartphones
  • It can be easily mounted and set up
  • It is simple to use after set up
  • It is designed with crystal clear and visible screens
  • Offers a great deal on multiple products


  • The set up in guidelines in the manual may be complex to comprehend and hard to adhere to


As you now know the amount it will cost you to get a VIZR, you have no reason not to order for one on their official website to make driving easy and safe for yourself. With it, it’s quite easy to utilize the FIXD App to better observe and monitor your car’s maintenance like when you have to replace your oil and other liquids. This unique app without doubts makes it simple to get accurate driving directions required when you are heading on a trip to another city you’ve not been before on when you are on vacation to another country.

Overall, the most significant element and benefit of this convenient device is that it keeps you and your family safe all the time. It ensures you get to your destination safely on time without relying on anyone to direct you or having to frequently check your smartphone.

We trust that this review on VIZR has assisted you in seeing all its advantages, how it can ease your driving and ensure safety.

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