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Designing a customized wedding website and sharing the URL on the ‘Save The Date’ posters is a must for any couple that wants to make planning their wedding stress-free and fun, plus making the process of making detailed information available for their guest super easy.



Free abstract or figurative design, that identifies or depicts your wedding hashtag


Customized domain name with your custom wedding hashtag. For example, if your wedding hashtag is #Losh2020, then your personal wedding website custom domain name maybe


Privacy of your wedding information is important. Therefore, privacy protection and password authentication is provided on the personal wedding website to ensure only authorized users can access photos, guest list and other information related to the wedding.


Your wedding website can never complete without the Online RSVP option that simplifies the RSVP process. Simply asking your wedding guests to respond to your online invitations on the website without doubts simplifies the entire RSVP process for you. It will easily help you know the guests that will be attending and those that will not be able to make it.


In order to quickly check the responses from the guests, there will be an email notification service, that would help you remain on top of the latest updates.


Integration of the live countdown clock that continually shows the time your invited guests have left to come have fun with you, will help to build hype around your wedding while making them anticipate.

  • MAP

It provides your guest with the layout of roads to the location of your wedding venue. It also provides the Street View perspective that will allow your guests to easily find their way to the venue.


Since almost half of all web browsing is completed on a mobile device, your wedding website will be designed to be responsive, so that your guests will be able to browse comfortably on it. It ensures that it’s easily accessible on the browser of any mobile device.


Communication has become an integral part of every online website. Moreover, when it comes to a wedding website having a chat feature becomes highly important. Therefore this option of direct message helps your guest send their wishes to you.




Below are some of the unique pages Personal Wedding Website offer that also shows it’s a must-have;


This act as your wedding’s info hub, invitation and official wedding announcement. This is where your guests will be able to find some of the vital information about your wedding from the Date to Venue, Guest Arrival Time, Color, Dress Code, RSVP Deadline, RSVP Contact, Guest Parking Space Details among others. It is also where you get to partially share your love story. The personal touches added on this page is what will make your guests excited about your wedding event. It increases their likelihood of attending as it ensures them they will have fun and a better time

  • BLOG

This is your online wedding diary that will help you keep all the juicy details as you plan the biggest event of your life in order to make everything go smoothly. It is also where you connect with your guest while assuring them they will have fun at your wedding as you whet their appetite with your love story, throwback photos, pre-wedding photos, introduction and others. You will also be able to give them the latest update or changes made regarding your big day. On your wedding day, it is your Wedding TV where your guests or relatives broad that could not make it will stay tuned to be updated live with photos and videos as the event unfolds.


This is where you introduce your Chief Bridesmaid,  Bridesmaid, Best Man and Groomsmen to your wedding guests before the event with their name and photos.


This informs your guests of what exactly is taking place during their attendance at your wedding, the timing of events, and important details they should be aware of simply by browsing through your wedding website on their Smartphone. These will safe you the cost of printing the regular Programme of event and stress of sharing it on your big day.


It may sound cheesy, but your guests will love to know more about your love story, they will love to read about how you met, how your relationship developed, how he popped the big question and all. This is where you get to share all these and more with them if you wish.


Asides reading stories about how you met, they will also love to see your throwback pictures from Uni days to pre-wedding photos. You can also share with them your favourite memories and experiences shared together, with photos from your proposal, engagement and introduction if you wish.

  • RSVP

This page simplifies the entire RSVP process for you. It will easily help you know the guests that will be attending and those that will not be able to make it.


This the page you have the list of the guests invited to celebrate your big day with you.


Based on your request the Online Donation page may be created incase your friends, relatives or guest wish to support your wedding financially.


This is the page you show love to your wedding vendors by promoting their brand with their business profile, name, logos/photos and contact details


This page highlights the to-do list so that the wedding planner/vendors are always in loop of all the things that are needed to be done before the big day. It makes things simpler in the wedding planning phase.


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