How To Maintain Your Ankara Fabric And Extend The Durability

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How To Maintain YourAnkara Fabric And Extend The Durability: Social Media Content For Client In Fashion Business

Wondering how to maintain your Ankara fabric to extend its durability?

We are sure you’ll find the following tips helpful.

1. Wash with only mild bar soaps, avoid the use of detergent or bleach.

2. Separate your prints from other fabrics before washing in case your Ankara will color bleed to prevent discoloring and damaging lighter-colored clothes.

3. To prevent bleeding, add a tablespoon of salt into your washing and rinsing water to seal the fabric colors.

4. Wash and rinse only with cold or lukewarm water.

5. Ensure you don’t dry under direct sunlight because this can make the fabric’s colors to fade easily

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