3 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Fall Wedding

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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Fall Wedding: Social Media Content For Client In Event Management Business

Fall remains the best season to explore earth-toned textures and colors. You can still get away with an outdoor wedding this time of year!

If you’ve already started the planning process, here are some things to consider.

1. Weather – Consider cocktail dress-clad guests and make provision for wraps they can throw over their shoulders come sunset since making your guest comfortable is a priority. Fire pits and heat lamps are also a good idea for ambiance and warmth.

2. Earlier Sunset – start the wedding program and reception earlier so you can feature the epic fall sunset into the program.

3. Décor – work with your wedding planner to incorporate pumpkins, fall leaves, candles, pampas grass and numerous seasonal accents to bring your dreams to reality.

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